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Commit is the remote-first community for Software Engineers.

We’re designing a future of work that puts Engineers first. To that end, we provide professional development, peer-to-peer support, and access to the best startup opportunities. The result is that Engineers have agency over their growth and the impact of their work.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s incredibly important to everyone at Commit that the community is an inclusive and equitable workplace. We are remote-first, meaning that we don’t have an office and many of the engineers work on an asynchronous time schedule, which facilitates parents or people who need to tackle various priorities in life.

While we are small, and at the very beginning of this journey to have a diverse workforce that is truly representative of our society, we aim to break the mold for tech companies and shed typical stereotypes and biases.

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Our Leadership Team

Greg Gunn: Co-Founder
Greg Gunn
Beier Cai: Co-Founder
Beier Cai
Noel Pullen: CXO
Noel Pullen
Cong Ly: VP Growth
Cong Ly
VP Growth
Tiffany Jung: VP Strategy & OPS
Tiffany Jung
VP Strategy & OPS
Ashley Brookes: VP Marketing
Ashley Brookes
VP Marketing
Sarah Marion: Founder Partnerships
Sarah Marion
Founder Partnerships
Elaine Lam: EPX Coordinator
Elaine Lam
EPX Coordinator
Renee Tung: Finance & Operations Manager
Renee Tung
Finance & Operations Manager
Bill Monkman: Chief Architect
Bill Monkman
Chief Architect
Phong Thieu: Senior Engineering Manager
Phong Thieu
Senior Engineering Manager
David Cheung: Software Engineer
David Cheung
Software Engineer
Simon Ho: Technical lead
Simon Ho
Technical lead
Paul Donnelly: Product Design lead
Paul Donnelly
Product Design lead
Anita Chen: UX Designer
Anita Chen
UX Designer
Elina Goldin: Software Engineer
Elina Goldin
Software Engineer
Tim Wan: Software Engineer
Tim Wan
Software Engineer
Julie Huang: Software Engineer
Julie Huang
Software Engineer
Ricky Lee: Software Engineer
Ricky Lee
Software Engineer

Our Software Engineers

We’ve built successful startups, we’ve built large scale systems, we know what it takes to balance speed and quality. We’re creative, we’re entrepreneurial, we apply lean startup and agile best practices to projects we’re passionate about.
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Our website runs as an opensource project within Commit where engineers are free to work on the website as they wish and drop off if they are busy working with startup opportunities. These are the faces behind the creation of the website.

Feel free to check out our GitHub!

Tim R
Tim R