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Until now, your growth was dependent on your company.We changed that.


We do what'srightfor the engineer


We hire you while you try out different startups


Our team vets high-potential startups for you


No more technical interviews

We only let the most promising startups on our platform*

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*We partner with startups that are on track to become category leading public companies, with cultures that prioritize engineering satisfaction and learning

How It Works

Join Commit

View your personalized startup matches, collaborate with other Startup Engineers, and get career support through coaching and resources

Start a Pilot

Start shipping code with a startup you’re passionate about without committing long term

Join a Startup

Join the ideal startup permanently, and collaborate with the Commit community for technical support & more

Is Commit right for you? Today, we’re hyper-focused on solving challenges for Senior Startup Engineers. We’re the right partner for you if you resonate with the following:

  • Obsessed with building impactful products that customers love to use
  • Strong believer in using MVP to validate ideas
  • Can build products rapidly without significant sacrifice on quality
  • Love the autonomy and ambiguity of working at early stage startups
  • Have a tech stack that’s suitable for joining or starting early technical teams
  • Have a learner’s mentality and open to collaboration

The Commit Platform

The Commit platform reinvents how passionate Startup Engineers grow their craft and their careers. It’s not a job board or an online resume, it’s a collaborative community with resources to grow your technical and essential skills, help you discover exciting new startups, and a space to connect with other Startup Engineers.

Platform profile

Your profile provides deep backgrounds that include your experience, skill sets, projects, blog posts and preferences.

Let others know which technologies you want to work with and skills you want to learn.


Browse personalized startup recommendations selected for you by our team.

Deep dive into individual opportunities with detailed background information and specific insights we've gathered by critically assessing their business.

Schedule meetings with company leaders to learn more.

Start a three month pilot project to gauge mutual fit, move on to another pilot if it’s not right for you.


Connect with other Startup Engineers to share knowledge and resources and to expand your network.

Join interest-based groups for craft-centric learning or general interests.

Ask for or receive help on a wide range of issues, from technical support to navigating startup life.

Startup Engineers who joined Commit have built:

  • Top Shot logoThe red hot NFT for the NBA TopShot
  • Zenhub Burndown chart logoThe Burndown chart at ZenHub
  • Negative Emissions platform logoThe Platform for Negative Emissions
  • Security Infrastructure for Healthcare logoThe Security Infrastructure for Healthcare systems
  • AI/ML search engine for Venture Capitals logoThe AI/ML based startup research engine for Venture Capitals

What Our Engineering Partners Have to Say

  • Clara Tsang

    Clara Tsang

    Commit Engineering Partner

    Commit offers me a flexible working situation where I get to work on a wide spread of projects to build my career. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from such a great community of engineers and choose from projects and technologies that actually interest me and can lead to exciting long term opportunities.

  • Bill Monkman

    Bill Monkman

    Commit Engineering Partner

    I joined Commit to work with inspiring engineers and to help my renew my focus on what I'm most interested in working on.

  • Sim Brar

    Sim Brar

    Commit Engineering Partner

    Commit is the perfect place to make a career transition. I can try new startups without the time suck of interviews or blotches on my resume. I also avoid the financial risks and admin of going on my own as a freelancer